What is Assessment?

Assessment is an activity to collect, review, analyse evidences of compliance and implementation against a reference standard, reference model or reference framework. The objective of Assessment is to also to measure the effectiveness of the implementation of that reference standard, model or framework. Examples of such reference standards, reference models or reference frameworks are ISO 9001 (Quality Management System Standards), ISO 27001 (Information Security Management System Standard), and CMMI, etc.

The Output of Assessment is generally recorded in the form of an Assessment Report. Assessment Report captures the Positive Evidences, Non-Compliances and Opportunities for Improvements. Assessment Report also provides summary on the overall status of the compliance and effectiveness of implementation.

What is CMMI?

CMMI is a Process Model Framework for process-improvement developed by Software Engineering Institute (SEI), Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), Pittsburgh, USA. CMMI, standing for Capability Maturity Model Integration, is a structured and systematic collection of best practices for process-improvement. The CMMI process model framework is currently available in three constellations CMMI for Development, CMMI for Services, and CMMI for Acquisition. These three constellations cover entire spectrum of industries including Software Engineering, Manufacturing, Financial, Aerospace, Computer hardware, Defence, and Telecommunications, etc.

What is CMMI Assessment?

CMMI Assessment is an activity to evaluate compliance and measure the effectiveness of Specific Practices (SPs) of Process Areas (PAs) as specified in CMMI Process Model Framework. The CMMI Assessment Results are delivered in form of Maturity Level Rating when CMMI Framework is implemented as per Staged Representation.

The Assessment is conducted by an SEI Certified Assessor. The SEI Certified Assessor is known as Lead Appraiser or High Maturity Lead Appraiser depending on the maturity level to be assessed i.e. Low Maturity (2 and 3) or High Maturity (i.e. 4 and 5).

CMMI Assessments are also known as CMMI Appraisals. The SEI has published following guidelines for conducting appraisals:

SCAMPI Assessments

SEI has devised the three classes for Assessment i.e. A, B and C depending on the formalism required in the Assessment. Among these, SCAMPI A Assessment is the most formal and rigorous and results in a Maturity Level Rating for the assessment conducted for an organization. SCAMPI B Assessment is the less formal, less rigorous method and does not result in a Maturity Level Rating for the assessment. SCAMPI C Assessment is the least formal method compared to SCAMPI A and B assessments and also does not provide a Maturity Level Rating for assessment.

DQS India – CMMI Assessment Services

DQS India, a leading CMMI Service provider, provides following CMMI Assessment Services to clients across the globe and round the clock:

  • CMMI AS-IS Assessment
  • CMMI Pre-Assessment
  • CMMI SCAMPI Assessment

CMMI AS-IS Assessment

CMMI AS-IS Assessment is conducted to check the current Process Implementation status of the organization across on-going and closed projects (product applications) being implemented or developed by an organization. AS-IS Assessment provides output in terms of the Immediate Action Items to close the obvious and unavoidable gaps and sets up the directional framework for CMMI Implementation. AS-IS Assessment also highlights the Positive Compliance available in the Organization.

DQS India have the required expertise to conduct the CMMI AS-IS Assessment. You can contact us with your needs for the CMMI AS-IS Assessments.

Pre Assessment

CMMI Pre Assessment is conducted before the Organization attempts the formal SCAMPI A Assessment. CMMI Pre-Assessment helps in highlighting the Positive Compliance, Non-Compliances and Opportunities for Improvement for the each individual project or service both at project level and at organizational level. Pre-Assessment is a formal and rigorous method and includes the Assessment of Artifacts and Interviews of Individuals for affirmation of CMMI Practice Implementation.

DQS India has the required expertise to conduct the CMMI Pre Assessment. You can contact us with your needs for the CMMI Pre Assessments.

CMMI SCAMPI Assessments

CMMI SCAMPI Assessments are the formal Assessments conducted to provide ratings or to check the readiness for the formal CMMI Assessment. These SCAMPI Assessments are conducted by SEI Certified Assessors.

DQS India has the required expertise to conduct the CMMI SCAMPI Assessments. You can contact us with your needs for the CMMI SCAMPI Assessments.

Advantages of CMMI Assessments with DQS India

DQS India offers following advantages for CMMI Assessment over its competitors:

  • DQS India ensures that Appraisal Objectives are clear to Appraisal Sponsor and have been base-lined before the assessment
  • DQS India helps in mapping of the Appraisal Objectives with Organizational Objectives
  • DQS India helps in determining Appraisal Sample, short-listing Focus Projects and identifying Interview Participants for assessment
  • DQS India helps in Appraisal Plan preparation including the Resource Planning, Schedule, Output Requirements, Risk management, Logistics, etc.

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